In Japanese, MA is the quiet interval between two things in time or space.
MA enables us to avoid overload, helps us to maintain focus, to balance between calm and action
In the language of babies, in the language of mothers, MA is like white rice, like plain pasta. Neutral. Like suddenly standing still and staring in the middle of a busy day. Like a brief moment of passage between here and there
MA is one of the first sounds that infants express.
A sweet, delightful, heart-expanding sound
In the language of the Bible, MA is a question.

ME. I am a mother. Before I became a mother I was a child. I would sit next to my mother and watch her sew. I was fascinated by the textures of the cloth, the musical snip of the scissors. Captivated by the way all the pieces connected one by one to create something complete. When I grew up I developed this love into a profession, then into a business. When I became a mother I began to sew new things for me, for us. Comfortable bags, stroller mattresses, and various accessories that fit the lifestyle of an active mother like myself. The business grew, as did the family. And now it is time for another growth spurt